Not Another LeBron James Appreciation Blog: 30 Reasons Why LeBron Is The Greatest OF All Time

Look, I am tired of constantly trying to argue on why LeBron James is the best basketball player that has ever stepped on the court, so I wanted to dedicate a blog to all the haters and compile 30 of my favorite stats/reasons why LeBron James is the GOAT.

#1- Michael Who? The rumors have finally been confirmed that Space Jam 2 is in the works and will begin filming in Summer of 2019. Ryan Coogler (“Creed” and “Black Panther”) Brings an extra level of hype to the highly anticipated, future nostalgic summer blockbuster of 2019. Okay– enough of LA-Bron, let’s talk about his game ON the court.



#2-   3× NBA champion: 2012, 2013, 2016.

#3-   3× NBA Finals Most Valuable Player: 2012, 2013, 2016.

#4-   4× NBA Most Valuable Player: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.

#5-   14× NBA All Star: 2005-2018.

#6-   3× NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2006, 2008, 2018.

#7-   5× NBA All-Defensive First Team: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

#8-   NBA Rookie of the Year: 2004.


#9-   NBA scoring champion: 2008.

#10-   3x NBA minutes leader: 2007, 2017, 2018.

#11-   J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award: 2017.

#12-   2x Olympic Gold Medalist: 2008, 2012.


#13-   Only player in NBA history to record at least 35 points, 15 assists, and 0 turnovers in a game.

#14-   Only player in NBA history to win the NBA Player of the Month Award five times in a single season.


#15-   1st place all-time in career assists by a forward with (8,208).

#16-   1st place all-time in most consecutive double-digit scoring games (873 times).

#17-   1st place all-time being named Conference Player of the Week (61 times).

#18-   1st place all-time being named Conference Player of the Month (37 times).

#19-   1st place all-time in All-NBA First Team selections with 12.

#20-   Only player in NBA history to average at least 25 points per game for 14 consecutive seasons.


#21-   1st place all-time for most 30-point triple-doubles in the playoffs (10).

#22-   1st place all-time in points scored (6,911).

lbj points

#23-   1st place all-time for scoring average in game 7s with 34.9 points per game.

#24-   1st place all-time for playoff games with at least 20 points (210).

#25-   Only player in NBA history to be in the top 10 all time in career playoff points, rebounds, assists and steals.

#26-   Only player in NBA history to win over 20 consecutive games in the first round.


#27-   Only player to lead a both teams in an NBA Finals Game in Points, Assists, Rebounds, Blocks & Steals.

#28-   Only player in NBA history to average at least 25 points, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists in an NBA Finals series (accomplished this three times).

#29-   Only player in NBA history to average a triple-double in an NBA Finals series.

#30-   1st place all-time for triple-doubles in the NBA Finals with 10.


These are just a few of his many, many achievements that seal him as the best ever. If I missed anything, feel free to comment below!

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J.J. Watt Reveals Major Secret To Fitness Success- And I Have The Inside Scoop

Unless you’ve been living under a cave, you are aware that Houston Texan’s defensive lineman, J.J. Watt is…

Injuries have relegated the world’s most dominant defensive football player to just eight games in two years. Almost seven months after suffering a brutal left tibial plateau fracture, J.J. Watt is on the mend. Watt teased his fans with this image on his Instagram with the caption, “Soon”…


Good lord. The 3 time former Defensive Player of the Year is BACK baby. Eat your heart out, Bruce Banner – the only thing more intimidating than this torso is Miss Death by Snu Snu herself #RIPWatermelon

The real question is how does one man become this huge? Most of us would think he is loading up on carbs, salmon, peanut butter, eggs, STEAK, etc.


WRONG. That’s what they WANT you to think. They want you to think it takes hours of hard work and dedication to build those booming biceps and tremendous traps. Alliteration aside, I now present to you the real secret to J.J. Watt’s success…


Mother Fucking Pizza Lunchables People. I knew it! This whole, corn-fed, Wisconsin-boy, hard-work, no-days-off mumbo jumbo can step aside- the secret has been in our lunch boxes since the 3rd grade. Look at that perfect execution… three pepperoni slices per ‘za, perfect sauce distribution, evenly scattered cheese… a real maestro at his craft. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some pizza lunchables to buy so I can feed my checking account.

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Gif City


First thing’s first….

The debate over how to pronounce GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, re-emerged this week when Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the widely used Web illustration, declared it should be pronounced “jif,” like the brand of peanut butter, rather than with a hard G sound.  May 23, 2013

Now that THAT’S settled, here are some of my favorite gifs from around the web this week. Enjoy!



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Is there anything more lovable than Alex Bregman and the Houston Astros?


Last night, Alex Bregman notched a win for the American League All-Stars with a line drive, rocket of a home run while securing the ASG MVP. This comes one day after putting up impressive numbers in his first Home Run Derby. Bregman has a sneaky 20 homers this year before the all-star break and is quickly rising to the top of the totem pole in America’s most lovable players… let’s recap.

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Life is amazing…. it is what it should be

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Astros loyalists will forever remember game 5 in the 2017 World Series. After a wild back and forth game that went into extra innings, Bregz smacks a walk off single to give the Astros a 3-2 series lead. We all know how that series ended…

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You kiddin me

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After the game 7 victory a few days later, our beloved Bregman took to Instagram to celebrate with his teammates. During the first part of the video he is shocked that his new rocket-armed teammate, Justin Verlander, would be with the club for two more years. After proclaiming that the Astros are going to win 2 more World Series, he leaves us with this gem.

Can we get 40 wheelbarrows to carry everybody’s nuts during the fucking parade? Are you shitting me? —Alex Bregman on winning the World Series

The start of 2018 has treated Bregman well. He has hit 20 homers, surpassing his 2017 total of 19, and he developed a trend of staring down the dugout camera after each bomb. Last year it was the scream, this year it’s the stare.

It is hard to not be enamored by Bregman’s energy, youthfulness, and general rock-star attitude. He cares enough about his teammates to learn spanish– of course he has to do it with flair. The bromance is strong with this team. I mean, just look at these kids grown men root their buddy on at the Home Run Derby.

It is Bregman’s day, week, month, and even his year. I fully expect to see Bregman continue this momentum into the second half of the season and help lead the Astros to where they want to be.


Okay girls, as if that wasn’t enough, our boy Bregman gave the Chevy Camaro he won to his mother after the All Star Game. What a guy!




Eat your heart out. I just have one question…. Do you think Keke loves him?

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Weekend Musings

Quick weekend highlights, lowlights, and life nuggets from yours truly, ZC.


Hit up Buffalo Bayou Park with the lady for a nice Friday evening triple date with friends. Not to be confused with a postmodern, up and coming neo-punk band, Snow Cones and Skylines got us off to a great start to the weekend.

Nothing better than watching people exercise on a 95 degree, humid, Houston night. Not a chance you’ll catch me trying to be athletic out in this heat.**

Next up was a tour of the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, Houston’s first underground drinking-water reservoir built in 1927. Its 2 acres of concrete and columns and has an amazing echo effect. The whole time, there was only one thing on my mind…I had to sing the Halo theme song down here. GREAT SUCCESS!

Alright…so after the tour my insane friends decided that all six of us should rent tandem bikes and frolick around in the heat. Well, there are 2 ‘F’s in effort, and we get them both- this is a snap about 5 seconds after I drove us off that 1.5 foot drop in the background on accident…. I knew I shouldn’t have tried anything athletic in this heat….**

Bikes, bridges, bayous, and besties.

Quick trip to Spec’s for a night of gaming and double fisting double whiskeys at our friend’s apartment. Couldn’t be in midtown without trying JonJon’s hotdogs and Correano’s tacos. Heart attack on a plate? Don’t mind if I don’t mind.

Rookie. #SotallyTober


Hopped in a Lyft on the way home around 1 AM. Decided to have McDonald’s Uber Eats race us home for a nice midnight snack (I was inconvenienced because I couldn’t get in my comfy clothes for 3 extra minutes waiting on my Big Mac *sigh*, #roughlife). Apparently there was qlso some 2 AM, pitch black side walk chalk action early Saturday morning- found this at the scene of the crime Saturday at 8 AM.

Errands all day Saturday, but managed to snap this gem of my two favorite things checkin’ out some squirrels in the front yard. Duggie the Doodle. Shameless plug.

It doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad relationship with your friends, playing Settlers of Catan will push it further that direction either way. A combination of Monopoly and Risk, SOC is guaranteed, if played fully, to end like this…


Mornings be like…

Ah yes, a Sunday of championships. Today a Wimbledon champion was crowned for the 92nd time in Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime. Yikes.

I got to enjoy the last day pretending that I care soccer for another 1,400 days. Congrats to France for winning the World Cup- action is now open on who the next Maradona will be in 30 years.

My bet is on Pogba.

Looks like the rest of my Sunday will be spent on something my gambling brethren are familiar with, say it with me guys, “A Sunday Hail Mary parlay keeps the Monday bookie away”. Down 12 units on the week? No problem! Time to get tilted and bet against the Astros, Yankees, and Redsox- sure there hasn’t been a day when they’ve all lost yet, but carpe diem, it’s our day today!

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Tennis! It’s what’s for breakfast

I’ve been trying to count calories recently and I gotta tell ya, trying to figure out how many calories 7 double whiskey cokes is in My Fitness Pal at 8 AM isn’t the ideal way to start a Saturday. But fear not! For today we are going to be treated to some star-studded tennis. As I am writing this, 3 time Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic just took down 2 time Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal. Djokovic hasn’t won a major since 2016 so it would be nice to see him re-assert his dominance the court. Looks like we will have a real Simba v Scar matchup tomorrow morning loaded with power when Djoker takes on 6’8 South African powerhouse, Kevin Anderson for the 2018 Wimbledon title.

Not frightening at all, nope.

On a separate note, I feel that women’s tennis is one of the most exciting female sports to watch. We are about to get a Wimbledon final featuring Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. We are fortunate to be able to watch Serena Williams be as dominant as she has been. She bulldozes through her opponents with ease and posseses this beautiful combination of power, agility, and speed that is wonderful to watch. Oh by the way, this is what she looked like 10 months ago.

This could be her 8th Wimbledon championship in her career and a record 24th major win, tying the all time record with Margaret Court (pun intended). It is amazing to see her back in the finals considering she was the underdog in the second round this tournament. Even if she doesn’t win, being in the Wimbledon finals 5 months after maternity leave is definitely something to write home about.

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Ariana Grande bares all in body paint promotion, plus this week’s edition of ‘Who Wore it Better?’

Move over 89 year old, long white-haired, robe wearing, white, property owning, male God- God is a woman now! And she’s engaged to Christian Yelich Doppelganger, Pete Davidson.

Yeah, I mean, i knew God had high standards, but… a 10 incher? Cut us normies some slack.

All jokes aside, Ariana Grande recently took to Instagram to promote her new single, God is a Woman. Many people are criticizing her decision, “you have such a nice voice, no need to sell your body to promote the music”. Give me a break people, she’s an independent woman who can do what she wants- plus, we would have never gotten this week’s feature on Who Wore it Better?

Shout-out to my beautiful fiancé, Sunny, who had way too much fun with this idea.

What are your thoughts on Ariana’s new promotion strategy?

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