Is there anything more lovable than Alex Bregman and the Houston Astros?


Last night, Alex Bregman notched a win for the American League All-Stars with a line drive, rocket of a home run while securing the ASG MVP. This comes one day after putting up impressive numbers in his first Home Run Derby. Bregman has a sneaky 20 homers this year before the all-star break and is quickly rising to the top of the totem pole in America’s most lovable players… let’s recap.

Astros loyalists will forever remember game 5 in the 2017 World Series. After a wild back and forth game that went into extra innings, Bregz smacks a walk off single to give the Astros a 3-2 series lead. We all know how that series ended…

After the game 7 victory a few days later, our beloved Bregman took to Instagram to celebrate with his teammates. During the first part of the video he is shocked that his new rocket-armed teammate, Justin Verlander, would be with the club for two more years. After proclaiming that the Astros are going to win 2 more World Series, he leaves us with this gem.

Can we get 40 wheelbarrows to carry everybody’s nuts during the fucking parade? Are you shitting me? —Alex Bregman on winning the World Series

The start of 2018 has treated Bregman well. He has hit 20 homers, surpassing his 2017 total of 19, and he developed a trend of staring down the dugout camera after each bomb. Last year it was the scream, this year it’s the stare.

It is hard to not be enamored by Bregman’s energy, youthfulness, and general rock-star attitude. He cares enough about his teammates to learn spanish– of course he has to do it with flair. The bromance is strong with this team. I mean, just look at these kids grown men root their buddy on at the Home Run Derby.

It is Bregman’s day, week, month, and even his year. I fully expect to see Bregman continue this momentum into the second half of the season and help lead the Astros to where they want to be.


Okay girls, as if that wasn’t enough, our boy Bregman gave the Chevy Camaro he won to his mother after the All Star Game. What a guy!




Eat your heart out. I just have one question…. Do you think Keke loves him?

Tell your mom you love her,


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