Weekend Musings

Quick weekend highlights, lowlights, and life nuggets from yours truly, ZC.


Hit up Buffalo Bayou Park with the lady for a nice Friday evening triple date with friends. Not to be confused with a postmodern, up and coming neo-punk band, Snow Cones and Skylines got us off to a great start to the weekend.

Nothing better than watching people exercise on a 95 degree, humid, Houston night. Not a chance you’ll catch me trying to be athletic out in this heat.**

Next up was a tour of the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern, Houston’s first underground drinking-water reservoir built in 1927. Its 2 acres of concrete and columns and has an amazing echo effect. The whole time, there was only one thing on my mind…I had to sing the Halo theme song down here. GREAT SUCCESS!

Alright…so after the tour my insane friends decided that all six of us should rent tandem bikes and frolick around in the heat. Well, there are 2 ‘F’s in effort, and we get them both- this is a snap about 5 seconds after I drove us off that 1.5 foot drop in the background on accident…. I knew I shouldn’t have tried anything athletic in this heat….**

Bikes, bridges, bayous, and besties.

Quick trip to Spec’s for a night of gaming and double fisting double whiskeys at our friend’s apartment. Couldn’t be in midtown without trying JonJon’s hotdogs and Correano’s tacos. Heart attack on a plate? Don’t mind if I don’t mind.

Rookie. #SotallyTober


Hopped in a Lyft on the way home around 1 AM. Decided to have McDonald’s Uber Eats race us home for a nice midnight snack (I was inconvenienced because I couldn’t get in my comfy clothes for 3 extra minutes waiting on my Big Mac *sigh*, #roughlife). Apparently there was qlso some 2 AM, pitch black side walk chalk action early Saturday morning- found this at the scene of the crime Saturday at 8 AM.

Errands all day Saturday, but managed to snap this gem of my two favorite things checkin’ out some squirrels in the front yard. Duggie the Doodle. Shameless plug.

It doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad relationship with your friends, playing Settlers of Catan will push it further that direction either way. A combination of Monopoly and Risk, SOC is guaranteed, if played fully, to end like this…


Mornings be like…

Ah yes, a Sunday of championships. Today a Wimbledon champion was crowned for the 92nd time in Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime. Yikes.

I got to enjoy the last day pretending that I care soccer for another 1,400 days. Congrats to France for winning the World Cup- action is now open on who the next Maradona will be in 30 years.

My bet is on Pogba.

Looks like the rest of my Sunday will be spent on something my gambling brethren are familiar with, say it with me guys, “A Sunday Hail Mary parlay keeps the Monday bookie away”. Down 12 units on the week? No problem! Time to get tilted and bet against the Astros, Yankees, and Redsox- sure there hasn’t been a day when they’ve all lost yet, but carpe diem, it’s our day today!

Tell your mom you love her,


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