Tennis! It’s what’s for breakfast

I’ve been trying to count calories recently and I gotta tell ya, trying to figure out how many calories 7 double whiskey cokes is in My Fitness Pal at 8 AM isn’t the ideal way to start a Saturday. But fear not! For today we are going to be treated to some star-studded tennis. As I am writing this, 3 time Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic just took down 2 time Wimbledon champ Rafael Nadal. Djokovic hasn’t won a major since 2016 so it would be nice to see him re-assert his dominance the court. Looks like we will have a real Simba v Scar matchup tomorrow morning loaded with power when Djoker takes on 6’8 South African powerhouse, Kevin Anderson for the 2018 Wimbledon title.

Not frightening at all, nope.

On a separate note, I feel that women’s tennis is one of the most exciting female sports to watch. We are about to get a Wimbledon final featuring Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber. We are fortunate to be able to watch Serena Williams be as dominant as she has been. She bulldozes through her opponents with ease and posseses this beautiful combination of power, agility, and speed that is wonderful to watch. Oh by the way, this is what she looked like 10 months ago.

This could be her 8th Wimbledon championship in her career and a record 24th major win, tying the all time record with Margaret Court (pun intended). It is amazing to see her back in the finals considering she was the underdog in the second round this tournament. Even if she doesn’t win, being in the Wimbledon finals 5 months after maternity leave is definitely something to write home about.

Tell your mom you love her,


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