Ariana Grande bares all in body paint promotion, plus this week’s edition of ‘Who Wore it Better?’

Move over 89 year old, long white-haired, robe wearing, white, property owning, male God- God is a woman now! And she’s engaged to Christian Yelich Doppelganger, Pete Davidson.

Yeah, I mean, i knew God had high standards, but… a 10 incher? Cut us normies some slack.

All jokes aside, Ariana Grande recently took to Instagram to promote her new single, God is a Woman. Many people are criticizing her decision, “you have such a nice voice, no need to sell your body to promote the music”. Give me a break people, she’s an independent woman who can do what she wants- plus, we would have never gotten this week’s feature on Who Wore it Better?

Shout-out to my beautiful fiancé, Sunny, who had way too much fun with this idea.

What are your thoughts on Ariana’s new promotion strategy?

Tell your mom you love her,


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